Someone once said that you have your best ideas when you’re at your lowest ebb – He was talking shit, you have your best ideas when laid in bed trying to decide whether to start your diet today and is it really worth giving up the Bacon butty for – And let’s be honest, is it worth waiting till Monday to start your new faddy fitness regime.
Anyway, I was mulling over the usual and it occurred to me, why don’t I take the kids around the world on land…
I look back now at where this started, at that morning laid in bed and the vision that I had. I reminisce over 4 years of travels, memories, dreams and failures and wonder – How the heck did I pull it off!
With a week or so until we head off again I sit back and reflect, and as I lean back in my Ikea chair I ponder. Can I pull this off again?
With changes taking place behind the scenes and our first destination Egypt I worry. And despite friendly reassurances there are concerns. 
On July 14th www.tinytrekkers.comlaunches which is a website geared toward backpacking families. This blog will seamlessly (hopefully) change domains and all traffic will be directed through the website. We have grown to over a quarter of a million views and so change was always imminent. But what will never change is that I am me, and we are us and we will continue to say what is what regardless. We won’t be going corporate, I won’t be doing inspirational speeches and the kids will still take the piss at every turn. 
Our book has now been launched which is essentially our blog made available offline and for the kindle here:
Additionally, on December 1st launches which will be closely linked with The Summer Holiday of a and will provide families with treks all over the world ranging across all levels. It will also stock gear designed for kids and with families in mind.
But in the mean time I sit facing a summer of travel that looks like this…
We head out to Egypt before flying to Qatar, we chill out for a bit and then head to The Philippines where we will make our way to the world’s best beach. From there we mooch up to Hong Kong before skipping over to Macau where Charlie might end up doing the world’s highest bungee jump. We then flit down to Singapore, head to Malaysia and then fly out to Borneo. From Borneo we make our way to Indonesia via Malaysia before ending up back in the Tioman Islands before heading home via Saudi Arabia.
Am I excited? 
…A little 😉

Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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