I decided some months back to write a book about our travels. The reality is Lonely Planet passes off books that are great for single travellers with an unlimited budget. The extent of the information for families is ‘Read Lonely Planets guide to travelling with children’ I read it. It is rubbish. It talks about where to buy nappies and that is pretty much it.
It was obviously written by someone who once camped out in Scarborough and decided to pretend it was the Far East.

The kids and I travelled and we made the mistakes. We came up lucky and realised what was great and what was not.
But we didn’t do it all, we did a lot but there is so much more.

So…In pursuit of experience, writing our book and giving ourselves one heck of a life we set off again in June.

The countries we will be visiting this time:

India (Where the kids are at school)
Vietnam (We can’t go back to the Far East and not go back to Vietnam!)
Costa Rica
El Salvador

This time of course we are finishing up in the Far East and then hitting up Central America.

Look back in the coming weeks for updates. The kids and I are back in training – The dream is back on 🙂


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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