Simplicity – A single word, a single meaning, but a million applications.

Rarely can backpacking be deemed simple, long days, longer nights, uncompromising heat and tedious attempts to scam every last penny from you. And when you have been bled of everything you have, every last drop of energy, every last ounce of patience, every smile you could muster, every grin you could bear and every hard worn attempt at understanding, you are kicked for more. It is at times a full on assault of every sense the body has and leaves you gasping for reality in its wake. 
But there is an oddity of travel, something strangely unique that it takes everything you have yet leaves you begging for more. That gasp for reality is edged away by the yearning for culture, adventure and a belief that if you never stand still you will never question why. You will never wonder what if for there is no what if. No curiosity and no disbelief that any dream is too big.
For me simplicity is a word that tarnishes five billion people and more. A word that represents everything I love about travel. That quells every curiosity, that instils in me a belief and that keeps us begging for more. 
It is that sheer simplicity of life which makes three quarters of the world tick by unnoticed. There are no cries for help, no complaints, no animosity or hard feelings, just a simple life – a single star amongst a millions galaxies. Every single one a person, a child, a parent, someone so insignificant they could not exist, yet every one pivotal to their own lives. 
The simplicity of life enthrals us, that is what leaves us begging for more, that is why we do what we do, and that is why by never standing still we will never question ourselves for we are busy observing others in an attempt to understand and appreciate. 
A new summer adorns, a new adventure awaits and in 7 weeks from now the dream will roll on to the next chapter… July 2012 awaits us with anticipation…

Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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