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My name is Stuart Wilson, and am the proud father of a seemingly endless production line of children. However, it all started back in 2009 when I decided to bail the UK for warmer and cheaper shores.

Hand in hand with Charlie who was just 6 at the time, and Abi who was 4 we set about travelling right around the world, just the three of us.

We’re not Bear Grylls with some Nepalese fella carrying all our gear and staying in the Hilton on the sly, no – Everything we need we carry and everywhere we stay is done with budget in mind.

Since 2009 we have ventured to corners of the world few even knew existed, we have experienced things which have changed our lives and seen things that will remain with us for the remainder of our lives. From scaling sand dunes deep in India, trekking on camels, elephants, falling off a motorbike high in the Himalayas, paragliding, waterfalls, being slapped by a monkey, stung by a jellyfish, rural schools, the highest mountains in the world, the most sacred places on earth, altitude sickness, the best beaches in the world, food poisoning, attempted kidnap, burning bodies, lost in jungles, found on the plains, being bitten by a turtle, 30 hour train journeys, seeing poverty which grips your heart, excess which makes you wonder, palaces, kingdoms, museums and forts, from visiting some of the best and worst the world has to offer and smiling at the end of it – These are our travels, our experiences, the ups, the downs and everything in-between.

Welcome to our world, we hope you enjoy the ride x

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ColleenSeptember 22, 2017 at 9:23 am

So your wife and eldest son fly business class to Nepal, yet complain, and have the audacity to haggle, for a $1.50 tea???

Don’t travel the world. Your entitlement and selfishness are beyond comprehendible and you’re making all us Brits look bad.


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