Eventually, having driven through what seems like endless vineyards you drive upon a landscape that looks suspiciously like English countryside. Rolling green fields, rocks, even houses that wouldn’t look out of place in Blighty. You have come upon the Adelaide Hills, a gorgeous respite from busy Adelaide.

Rocking up into the city I was aware that there was a high proportion of British expats, within minutes we were stuck in a traffic jam, our first of the trip so far. Eventually, when things got moving we were stuck behind some of earths slowest drivers, definitive proof that the occupants were elderly British, whiling away their lives at a snails pace. Just as they do in Britain.

Adelaide is a coastal city boasting its own unique culture, which is a combination of chic, mixed with sexy and wrapped up in chill. It’s an easy place to love, clean, modern and easy going there is no doubt as to why it continues to attract migrants year on year. Personally, we didn’t think Adelaide had the best beaches, or museums, or landmarks. But it definitely had the best pace of any city we’d been in so far.

Take time to visit the hills though, the kids absolutely went crazy for Gorge Wildlife park, a cheap and cheesy place to hold a koala, play with kangaroos and experience some of the countries wonderful wildlife.

Naturally we hit up the botanic gardens, and took in a few museums, but the lasting memory for us all was the wildlife park and the holiday park we stayed at, which had a huge bouncy thing that the kids flung themselves from repeatedly.

Due to the time of year, the beaches were abandoned but looked like a sure place to lose yourself come summer. With a little more time we’d have loved to make our way over to Kangaroo island, but sadly, it wasn’t to be this time.

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