I’ve stayed in a few places in Bangkok and everyone has claimed to be located in ‘central Bangkok’ well, where we last stayed and where we are now are about 20km away from each other and yet both claim to be ‘central’ I’m not so sure it’s a con as though there is just no real centre to Bangkok. The public transport network is one of the best in the world and it is much more modern than any UK city I know of. Malls are spread throughout the huge metropolis and it unlike many other cities, particularly US ones it has an identity. Having been to most major US cities they are all basically from IKEA and are the same. New York is different though, NYC has something special about it. When you are in New York you know you feel like you are in NYC, the same goes for Bangkok. But Bangkok is on a much grander scale than NYC, I have walked Manhattan, I wouldn’t dream of walking Bangkok. It is distinctly Asian and when you mix the word city and Asian your answer is usually – Huge.
There are unsurprisingly many foreigners living/working in Bangkok. Many are employed as English teachers. I met a guy today at the pool who lives in the apartments I’m in right now. They are fully furnished and serviced with a rooftop pool. He pays $500USD per month and works as an English teacher earning $36 per hour. That’s about £810 per week since most Asian countries have a 6 day school week. Over the year that’s a tasty £42k per year. He was saying he lives like royalty and he isn’t alone. Many ex pats are here earning as much or more and living the lifestyle of gorgeous weather year round, being in a cosmopolitan city and taking advantage of the cheap lifestyle and budget airlines which means paradise is never more than an hour away.
On our penultimate day in Bangkok we chilled by the pool and then went shopping at the awesome MBK mall.
When we first got to Bangkok many weeks ago I wasn’t sure I liked it, particularly after what happened with Charlie. But after visiting several times since I have come to love the city, it incorporates everything Thai and serves it up as something unique – Something that can only be described as Bangkok.


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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