We went to the train station at Beijing – Now, if you have ever been to a train station in China you will understand where I’m coming from when I say it is madness. Apparently at any one time 10million people are on a train somewhere in China and I am sure they all decided to board at the same station as me. Oh, and throw into the equation the biggest thunderstorm I’ve ever know, rain drops the size of snow balls and you might have a vague idea of how much of a mission it was.

In all their wisdom at Beijing South Train station they have the bag checks about an inch under cover, so everyone queues outside, well of course no one was willing to queue outside and a huge riot of people all trying to get in ensued.
Anyway, once we got in I managed to figure out where we needed to be and we waited for our train.

Boarding was swift approx 30 mins before departure and I have to say – I am not a train geek, but a train geek would have wet himself over the train we got. It was a bullet train and looked amazing. The rooms were spacious (for a train) and each bed had its own private TV, Air con and lighting.
Within no time we were off and the kids were straight to sleep, I took a little longer because I have to admit, the speed was a little unnerving!
We were all finally sound asleep for about 11pm and awoke the next morning as we were pulling into Shanghai.


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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