Altruistic is probably the best way to describe Charlie and Abi’s mum. The word means complete devotion to the welfare of others and in this case it’s her children.

What parent is reading this blog and thinks ‘yeah, I’d let my kids dad do that, I’d let him take my babies away for months at a time’ probably none. But if there just happens to be anyone, how many would help fund it?

Selfishness is in all of us, often when were asked a question we create a flow chart within our mind and the first thing we ask ourselves is “how will this affect me”

When we have kids it changes slightly and it becomes “how will this affect me and the kids”

I first approached Bekkie about taking the kids away in 2009, the first trip. It would have been impossible without her support and she took some convincing. I know there were people sniping behind her back saying things like “She can’t care much to let them go for so long” Those same people that don’t agree with homework because it means they might have to actually do something with their offspring. Or that school should teach this or that – My upbringing was one of those. Perhaps that’s why I am so committed to my kids, I don’t remember a parents evening my parents came to – Id fly from the other side of the world to be at my kids’.

I mean, I’m the one that comes up smelling of roses – I take the kids around the world, aren’t I the most amazing dad. What people don’t realise is that behind every trip is a network of people all contributing and making the impossible possible. Without a single doubt these trips would not have been possible without Bekkie. That is fact. Not just her money but agreement to let her kids leave the UK for such lengthy periods.

I don’t have the words to express our graciousness and appreciation. But I do want to mention that only someone of a certain capacity, someone of such altruistic ways would allow their children to travel the world whilst they sat back in the UK and helped fund it.

The world’s best mum – You bet.

It’s amazing actually, we don’t always get on, but when it comes to the kids we are completely united in our beliefs that the kids should love their childhood. It goes by so quickly and kids grow up too fast. If our kids turn 16 and say “thanks mum and dad, I had a great childhood” then it will all have been worth it. Bekkie invests into that theory everything she has and more and her support is unrivalled. It’s a huge, amazing world out there and few kids get to see what Charlie and Abi have. I hear constantly from school how their travels have made them into such well rounded kids and both are way above average in their schooling.

Bekkie and I are doing the best for our kids and I just wanted to bring her into the picture so that she too can take some credit for this. She certainly deserves it.

Thanks Bekkie, you know what this means to the kids and we will forever be in your debt, you are an amazing person and without you this could never have been possible and so for your continued support we thank you, a million times over x

From Charlie: You are the best mum in the whole wide world and we are very lucky to have you, thank you for letting us come here and we miss you lots and lots and were thinking about you every day xxx

From Abi: Mum thank you for letting us come here and for what you pay, we are very lucky children to have you as our mum and we miss you loaaaaaaaaaaaaaads xxx

Thanks Bekkie, genuinely x


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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