Chessington World of Adventures had decided they were going to begin a search for the most adventurous family in Britain.
I was nominated (gratefully) and before I even knew, I had a phone call telling me I was in the final 12!

The deal was to get votes and the 3 families with the most votes would get invited to the final.
I hardly canvassed for votes and felt that if we deserved to win then we would.
A fab girl called Nikki – the PR girl from Chessington gave me a call in March 2010. “BBC Radio Leeds want you to be a guest”
I was stunned and hung over, tired and overwhelmed I gave my first radio interview with Jonny I’Anson. I wasn’t really nervous but the whole experience was amazing 🙂

We did an interview with the local paper and loved having our pictures in there!!

Then, whilst in Amsterdam with my son Jack I got a call “You have made it to the final 3”
The fact it was costing about £1 per minute was suddenly forgotten as i realised that this was real. We had made the final!!!

We arranged Transport to travel down to Chessington and was put up in a suite at the Holiday Inn right on the doorstep of Chessington World of Adventures.


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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