There is a recurring theme down the Oregon coast, it is a rugged, beautiful misty slice of coastline that is as mystical as it is enchanting. Think golden sand dotted with remnants trees battered around the shoreline, pools of water teeming with marine life, imposing rocky outcrops battered by the waves and circled by birds. Now add to that the most vivid colours you can envisage and drench the image in mist and over cast skies. Welcome to the Oregon coast, a stunning area of natural beauty that will have you mesmerized and will leave in you in a reassuring stupor that man can never come close to natural beauty at its most magnificent.

Cannon beach is picturesque in every sense of the word, facilitated by free parking, pristine lodges and world class brew houses that rival anywhere else on the continent, it is a place to just be. What that means, is that you don’t go to Cannon beach to have amazing adventures, you don’t go to thrill seek, you go to just be. To remind yourself of just how stunning a place can be, of how relaxed, welcoming and inviting an unassuming hamlet in Oregon can be.

The difficulty in writing a post about somewhere like this, is that you end up sounding like you are being commissioned by the town to write a post that is a thinly veiled sales pitch. In actual fact we just loved the place. We hiked for miles and miles along the beach, we watched the sunset, told ghost stories in the dark and misty evening, and drank local beers served with local food. It was a break and a time to let our hair down, relax and love being together. Cannon beach will live with the three of us for a long time and I cannot put any other reason on it, other than that is a place to just be. A real highlight of our Pacific Northwest road trip.


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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