Charlie is the sort of kid who would fall off his bike, then get run over by the ambulance. It is his luck and something I have had to deal with from birth. In fact a few years ago I was so concerned about his constant falling over I consulted a specialist wondering if there was something up with his ears that was sending him off balance. The result was simple – He is just clumsy.
At the end of the days it’s just one of those things, but sadly it doesn’t stop there.
So far on this trip Charlie has fallen about fifty times, you couldn’t make it up, fresh air trips Charlie up.
He has sliced his foot open three times, one of which meant I had to dig sand out from deep within his foot with tweezers. He has been slapped round the face by a monkey and gets bitten 24hrs a day by mosquitoes. In fact, a few days ago he got savaged at night and come morning time we counted the bites on his back – There were 27 bites on his back alone.
He has been bitten by ants and a spider that looked like an alien it was so big. He has fallen into rivers and been wiped out by 12 foot waves. He has fallen victim to holes in the sand that would look obvious to anyone else and has fallen from trains and buses and Tuk Tuks. Well, if that wasn’t enough he decided today that he would have a go with a jelly fish. Needless to say it ended up being Jelly Fish 1 – Charlie nil as the Jelly Fish stung him. Now I don’t know anything about Jelly Fish other than that the deadliest thing on earth is a type of Jelly Fish. I also know that if when you get stung it is so deadly you will have expired within a few seconds. So as Charlie bounced about in the water whinging I soon realised it was nothing more than a bee sting style tish to let him know his place. As I rescued him I too got stung on my toe; Still we live to tell the tale, well, the tale of yet again Charlie taking on nature and coming off worse.


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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