Langkawi is one of those places that is just like it is supposed to be. It is meant to be some sleepy jungle clad island with white sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters and enough wildlife and natural beauty to rival even Borneo. It is also supposed to be smack bang in the middle of the monsoon season meaning it gets lashed with torrential rain daily. Sadly it is that also.
It has pissed on us more times in the last two days than we have had in the previous 11 weeks total. Well, it’s a bit awkward actually, it doesn’t rain until you get comfy on the beach at about 10am, you know, you’ve dished out 10MYR for your lounger for the day, just about got comfy and the kids are hitting it off with their first sand castle on the promise that in 10 minutes they can go in the sea.
Now you have to understand, there is a sure fire way of knowing it’s going to rain and this goes for anywhere in Asia – Suddenly it gets windy, honestly, it can be the calmest day ever and suddenly out of nowhere wind will start, that basically means you have a few minutes to get to cover because it is going to rain and it is going to rain heavy.
The rain pattern is always exactly the same, even as far north as China it never changes, first it starts to spot, for about 30 seconds, then suddenly torrential rain. It never usually lasts for more than an hour and then out pops the sun and that is that. Unfortunately in Langkwi the last two days have been the exception. It has rained, rained and then rained a bit more. Then, about 4pm it has come sunny and gorgeous.
I mean we have still managed to catch some beach time and believe me the beach (Pantai Cenang) is world class. We have even mooched down a few beaches and they are just as stunning. From the white sandy beaches across the turquoise sea sit protrude small limestone islands covered in jungle and with completely deserted strips of sand. There is one straight opposite our beach and I had decided to hire a jet ski and ninja style over to it and have an island to ourselves for a while. I actually decided that about a minute before it threw it down today. I haven’t been on a jet ski since I was a young lad flying around the waters off the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and today was the day to relive that. Well it didn’t happen. And so, we spent the biggest part of the day in the hotel.
When the sun came out we headed to a shack nearby called Cactus Cafe which is your typical backpacker affair, but serves awesome food and cheap beer.
We decided to walk back and as we strolled up the beach, tops off with me drinking on my duty free can of Heineken under the glorious shy sunshine we tried to appreciate the beauty of Langkawi. Well, before I started throwing the kids about and having a good old time – British style, loud, drunk and without a care in the world – Raucous in paradise 🙂
Anyway, we had planned to stay in Langkawi forever but the rain has forced us to make rash decisions. Tomorrow morning (Sunday) first thing we are hitting the road again and heading North and back into Thailand, after a hefty journey including a few boats, buses and taxis we hope to get to Ko Samui off the Gulf Coast of Thailand where they are smack bang in the middle of their dry season. Well, that’s the plan anyway.


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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