We wont have net for a while now, so were making sure you get this now!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to the most amazing mum ever, Happy Birthday to you 🙂
Hiya mum, happy birthday! Dad says your 40 so happy 40th!
Me and Abi are having a great time. We are still in Cambodia and just about to leave for Thailand where dad has promised us some great beaches and loads of sun! Its been proper ace so far, some of the things we have seen and done you just wouldn’t believe! We know your having a tough time without us and we just want you to know that we miss you too. We think about you all the time and dad tells us that without you we wouldn’t be having such an amazing time and so we just want to thank you and tell you what an amazing mum you are.
How many other mums would let their kids go away and do what we are doing! Every day is a new adventure and although it’s tiring it’s well worth it.
Dad is being ace with us, we well thought we could walk all over him and we were proper loving it, then one day he just went off on one and gave me and Abi a fifty hour lecture. Now we behave for him because we respect him (and really don’t want that lecture again!) I admit I only listened to about a minute and Abi even less, but still it was boring!
We have got a few games, one of the homes we stayed at gave us snakes and ladders and ludo, dad bought us UNO and we have colouring books and puzzle books. Dad also bought me a famous five book which I read and then gave to a little girl.
We are also playing a few games as we walk about, our favourite is nastiest moustache. There are some proper nasty moustaches mum! Dad also plays games with us like who can eat the most chillies or the hottest curry I love them games because Abi is rubbish at them!
My favourite part of the holiday was seeing the bodies burning in Varanasi, it was just so weird to watch, and also when dad kick assed about 15 Indian guys at the train station. But my most memorable part was the school we visited, you should have seen it, proper ace!
Abi says she too liked seeing dad go kick ass on everyone and she really liked the water park in Jabalpur but most of all the school.
Anyway, we just want you to know we love you and we think about you all the time, we hope you are ok and know that although you are missing us, just look at the amazing things we are doing.
We love you more than you could ever know and can’t wait to see you when we get back.
From the bottom of our hearts and from the Far East with more love than you can manage,
Charlie and Abi

P.S – Have a great Birthday



Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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