Hello my little Bhuna, firstly let me thank you – Before I left and you made me watch the Roary the Racing car song over and over and over and over (x 2,000,000) well, guess what song I have had permanently stuck in my head for the past week…… 😉
I am thinking about you every day, every time I close my eyes I see your cheeky little grin, or hear you say “Nooooo Abiiii” you are too young to know what a special place you have in my heart but old enough to know you couldn’t be more loved.

Every day I miss you more and can’t wait to see you. But not to worry mate, when I get back we’ve got a little special getaway planned. First were going to fly to Dublin, and then were going to fly to Frankfurt in Germany where we can go to the zoo and eat massive sausages! Then, were going to fly down to Venice which is in Italy – Daddy’s favourite country. I know a really nice little Island not too far from Venice with a really secluded little beach where you can play and be spoilt and get away with everything for a few days! So look forward to being showered with attention, eating Proper pizzas and being overloaded with sweets!

Do me a favour, remind meggy who is in charge and keep reading the book I made you to remind you of us.

Miss you more than you will ever know is possible.

Love you
Daddy x


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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