We are getting loads of attention everywhere we go, people keep staring at us and smiling, for some reason people keep touching Abi on the head? We get let to the front of queues and people even stand up for us on the metro. Dad is doing his best but we know sometimes he is really tired and we are helping him as much as we can by behaving, listening to him and reminding him he is king.

We are having so much fun, our days are so filled with new experiences and learning new things. We never realized how big the world is!
We are loving China and everywhere we have been, dad is going to take us to a wall you can see from space that is thousands of years old, we are going to see Pandas, and he reckons that in Vietnam we have loads of beach time – And we can’t wait to try eating bugs!
It was funny yesterday though, we were playing a game (dad didn’t know)Anyway one of us started counting and then when dad told us to shut up we did, then a few minutes later the other would start counting, whoever got to the highest before dad told them to be quiet was the winner! But I think he sussed us when we started on the alphabet instead.

We are on such a big adventure and it is tiring at times, but we are loving it.
We hope you are well and want you to know that we are both missing you loads. Not a day goes by that we don’t think about you and look forward to seeing you when we get home. And tell Grandma she better stock up on cheese strings and sweets and pop – Dad is being proper tight and letting us only drink water, eat good healthy food and is snidey with the sweets.

How many mummy’s have had their kids carry their love around the world.
Not many – But you have.

Charlie and Fizzy Bubble’ (abi)


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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