The things which became suddenly apparent upon arrival in Moscow was firstly that nothing is written using the English alphabet and secondly no one speaks English.

Instantly i became lost in the huge metropolis that is Moscow.

It wasn’t easy making our way to the hostel, in fact it was bloody hard and tiring. But at least we got to ride in the back of a Lada and as Abi put it “Ace Charlie it’s got no seat belts”

But now we have settled in and come to terms with the Metro and how things work over here were loving it. Moscow has well and truly surprised me, i mean ok there are a few things which are questionable.

Lada’s – They are everywhere.
The gay look on men – Those that dont have clothes from The Rocky Horror Picture Show are wearing Military uniforms.
Europop – Its clear to see why the Russians love the Euro vision Contest.
Women who look like man beaters – There are more than a few women i wouldn’t want to make eye contact with – And im sure their husbands wouldn’t either.
Drinking beer everywhere – Drinking beer is the in thing in Moscow – Everyone does it, everywhere.

But i love the city. It is so welcoming and everyone just gets on with their own business. I know i haven’t really spoke much with Russian people outside the hostel but there has been plenty of pointing and attempted sign language in a vain attempt to convey some type of conversation.

Its crazy to see how many people are part of the Police/Army/Navy – All of whom look about 15 years old.
Discrimination in the work place has no bounds here as every single person who works in a public interaction role such as train stations, shops etc is female (arguably) yet everyone who provides a service on a practical level such as driving, police is male. But who am i to question something which appears to work very well.

The City

Its huge. But is very well connected by a Metro system. Its actually funny, i noted the wooden escalators and chic 1930’s feel – Anyway i read that apparently the Metro system is renowned for being one of the most beautiful in the world. It was never intended to be a metro system but a bunker during the war. You can tell too. Its like stepping back in 80 years. But its efficient and works. The huge problem is the language barrier, rather you have to find out where your stop is and then count the stops – Charlie is in charge of counting the stops and i must say he is doing an excellent job!

We have visited the Red square and found it overwhelming. It is one of the single most beautiful and inspiring places i have been. I think its because it has been portrayed so negatively in the media, yet when you see it it really does make all the hassle of getting to Russia worth it. We were all mesmerised by St Basils Cathedral. Although less so inside, perhaps its because you expect so much from the outside but inside there was nothing particularly mind blowing about it.
But i have to say, i never expected the Russian people to be so overtly religious.

We have visited quite a few beautiful churches and buildings, they really do have to be seen to be believed.

We went to a theme park and got skanked. We paid in and then was stunned to find you had to then pay to go on things! So we did the British thing…. We had an ice cream and left in protest.

The food is disgusting, a mixture of cheese sauces wraps. We have tended to stick to what we know. Such as Mcdonalds and Pizza places.

I will leave Moscow with great regret that we didn’t have more time for such a great place, the sad thing is its so difficult and expensive for a British citizen to travel here that ill probably never visit here again. I am fully aware we have not even scratched the surface of Moscow but am so glad we have experienced such a great global and under appreciated city.


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.


  1. Wow, I look forward so much to logging on and reading the latest instalment! Really interesting to read about places like Riga and Moscow about which I know nothing. Fab pic of the kids in front of St Basils! How are Abi and Charlie finding the pace now? Keep up the good work! xx

  2. Hi,

    Remember you mentioning this blog on the moneysaving forum. Have been keeping up with your travels.
    Sounds like you are having a great time, hope the kids are too. I had a giggle about Moscow, just as I imagined, all the women like farmers daughters with wind beaten faces!!Can’t wait till you get to the far east, Vietnam in particular as i’m off there in october.

    Have a ball.

    P.s I posted on the forum about the Ponderosa and you dissed it!! Honest, i’m not a chav……….I understand, just my hubby and son loved the steaks there 🙂



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