We arrived in Shanghai as we had left Beijing, in a thunderstorm. We decided that we would find the hotel first and foremost and check in.
The idea I had to wear sandals and shorts/dress coupled with a Gore-Tex jacket worked a treat. Everything I needed to stay dry did and those I wasn’t bothered about getting wet got wet.

I had purposely chosen a hotel near to a subway because of the hassle we had in Beijing. The walk to our hotel was about 10 minutes. Check in time was 3pm and we turned up at 9am. I went in and simply said “We have just travelled down from Beijing if our room is available may we check in” I was stunned to hear him say “of course”
The room was available and we spent the entire day in the room and really had a relaxing day where we took the time we had to catch up with sleep, sort the bags out, I had things to sort online, the kids had major TV to catch up on.
We did actually nip back to the train station so I could buy some train tickets, I bought tickets to Nanning which is about as far south as you can get in China before hitting Vietnam and near to one of the few border crossings in China where foreigners can cross. The train is booked for the 5th August, takes 30 hours and will hopefully take us to the last stop in China before we head for Hanoi, Vietnam. Where apparently there are either buses or trains which can be taken.

And that really is it, our first day in Shanghai and we did nothing really. It was great.


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.

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