Tiger Cave Temple


The great thing about Thailand is that is really does have something for everyone. Those seeking luxury resorts head to Ko Samui, those seeking sweaty sex at $20 a pop head to Bangkok, those seeking hedonism bounce over to Ko Phangan, those looking for a joint and a reason to find themselves whilst humming away in some impossible yoga pose head up to Chiang Mai, Russians head to Phuket and old British men looking to spunk away their pension on questionable girls/boys head to Pattaya. Wheras backpackers head to Ao Nang and the Krabi. Thailand offers a whole lot more, but the halcyon days of 70’s Thailand are long gone. Memories of hiking for miles to unspoilt slithers of perfection lapped by emerald seas have been replaced by highways cutting through jungles with a few limestone cliffs thrown in for good measure. Thailand to yourself is gone. Long gone. The…