Usually when we plan summer, it is done so about 8 weeks in advance. The reason is more-often than not an indecision of where to go and what to do. So, when Christmas 2015 rolled around my wife and spoke about what the year ahead would hold for us. Inevitably summer 2016 came up and we discussed heading back to the United States, possibly camping, hiking, but mainly holidaying. We remained undecided. A day or two later I was browsing twitter and secretflying (an account dedicated to finding error fares and unusually cheap flights) showed up return flights from Prague to Dubai, with Aeroflot for about £90 each. I checked flight prices to Prague (about £20 each return) and realised that we could be in Dubai, for the whole summer for about £110. Nothing is ever that simple, and there was just three seats available, we booked them for Gemma…