The day has come! Today has been a day of anticipation, excitement and sadness all rolled into one.

The journey starts well, with National Express Trains showing they can depart trains on time – And empty! Free wifi enables me to update this blog.

Well – For the next 10 weeks its goodbye to normality, home comforts, decent beer and Fish and Chips. And hello to who knows what!

Anyway, its day 1, train to London, then coach to London Stansted for an early morning flight out to Cologne, Germany, where we have a day at the Zoo and Cathedral planned. Then we travel via rail to Bremen for an overnight stay until we head for Riga, Latvia on Thursday morning.

Lets hope the journey continues as it started.

Nb: To my little man I miss you x

– Mummy me and Abi are missing you already, love you loads and see you soon xxx


Just a dad trying to live the dream with my kids.


  1. You wont be missing the beer here mate once you taste the beer in Germany, you will be missing the beer in Germany once you leave! Stay safe guys and keep updated.

    Andy M.

  2. Great pic of you three Stu, I’m so excited for you and will be checking this blog regularly. I hope you have fun in Cologne, I lived near there for 4 years, its a lovely city xx

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